When faced with the prospect of moving to Minneapolis two and a half years ago, one of my first questions was, “Is there a good cheese shop?” My friend, Ariela, who was already living there and had developed her own cheese obsession, assured me that there was. “Oh yeah, I’ll take you to Surdyk’s.” So excited was I that I made her take me there on the first day of my four-day find-a-job, find-an-apartment visit, and I was not disappointed.

Located in Northeast Minneapolis, Surdyk’s is primarily known for its wine and liquor shop, which it claims is the Midwest’s largest. But when it moved into its current building in 1979, the owners added a specialty cheese and gourmet food shop, which is the first place I head. The cheese selection is top-notch, and the very knowledgable staff really don’t mind if you taste 10 cheeses during your visit. (I know, I’ve done it!) Besides cheese, the shop is stocked with all the traditional accompaniments, and some not-so-traditional ones, too (chocolate-covered potato chips, anyone?). You can also pick up lunch at the deli counter, which has a yummy array of soups, sandwiches and hot entrees that change daily. The huge brownies are killer, too.

Surdyk’s offers cheese classes as well, but I’ve never taken one because the fee is pretty pricey, especially compared to Cheesetique’s. Instead, I like to buy several cheeses at once and conduct my own class at home…with myself. I also try to convince my husband to taste my choices, but he doesn’t like gooey, blue or stinky cheese, so most of the time I get it all to myself. Can’t complain about that!

You can find Surdyk’s at 303 E. Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis. Don’t go on a Sunday, though – thanks to Minnesota state law, you can’t buy alcohol on a Sunday, so the cheese shop is closed, too. But if you’ve got a hankering, don’t worry – the next stop on the Minneapolis cheese tour can oblige!