The Super Bowl has the tendency to bring out the guilty pleasures in all of us. Sitting on the couch for 5 straight hours – check. Getting excited for TV commercials – check. Eating food containing ingredients that sound like alien names – double-check.

Lous Velveeta Super Bowl Dip

Lou's Velveeta Super Bowl Dip

Even if you’re a cheese snob like the two of us, chances are that at a Super Bowl party you’ve consumed one of our country’s finest/notorious creations – processed cheese food. Admit it, you couldn’t resist that cheese dip or the nachos with the ooey-gooey, drippy cheese sauce. We have, and in vast quantities, too. Colleen’s husband’s Super Bowl specialty is the Velveeta cheese dip (combine cubed Velveeta and salsa, microwave to melt), and ever since moving to Minnesota my husband and I have made it ourselves for the Super Bowl. Yes, it’s partly because we miss Lou, but we also enjoy the freedom the Super Bowl gives us to inhale such food (if you can call it that).

But this year we think we can do better – and we’re looking to our readers for help. We’re calling it the Cheese+Champagne Super Bowl Cheese Challenge. Can you recreate the smooth creaminess of processed cheese dip or processed cheese sauce using real, honest-to-G-d cheese? If you can, share your recipe with us! We’ll feature it, along with photos, on the blog and offer our undying gratitude for allowing us to remain cheese snobs on the most unsnobby day of the year.

May the best recipe win! This is more exciting for us than the actual Super Bowl this year since none of our teams are playing. (C’mon Packers, get it together for ’10!)