Wow, were we impressed with the poetic talents of our loyal and new readers! Thanks to all of you for entering our “Ode to Roqeufort” cheesy love poem contest. With no further ado, we are pleased to announce our winners:

3 – In third place, was MNCruncher‘s  emotional “O’ Roquefort, how I loathe thee for thy haunting beauty…”

2 – In second place, the laudatory “Ode to Roquefort” by DanG.

1 – And for the rather unconventional Roquefort rap, we award the first-place “Free Roquefort!” t-shirt to Cool Dude for the following:

Yo son, get on your salt tang
Get the hook up with this cheesy blue thang
France’s second most popular cheese
Go and get it for me please
It’s the roq to the fort
Enjoy it with some port
It won’t make you snort

We also have to extend an honorable mention to ohcassis for the bold, anti-Roquefort entry in our contest. We believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions on cheeses, after all. Be sure to read all the entries, if you haven’t yet.

Our second and third-place finishers will be receiving a stylish “Free Roquefort!” mini-button to help spread the word about the plight of our beloved cheese.  (Winners, please send your mailing address to dccheese at foodietots dot com to claim your prize!)