Like salt? I mean, REALLY like salt? Then this is the cheese for you!

Hailing from Central Greece, Greek Mountain Feta is a combination sheep’s- and goat’s-milk cheese from Mt. Vikos. The goats and sheep are allowed graze on free-range grasses and herbs, and their milk is collected every morning by the shepherds, who bring the milk to the family-owned dairy. The cheese is aged in brine for two months, which is what gives it that ultra-salty tang. It is drier than many Fetas I’ve tried, though it still has the creaminess you’d expect from a high-quality Feta. Wine Spectator recommends pairing it with an “aromatic white, such as Assyrtiko or Moschofilero.”

I tried a wedge of Greek Mountain Feta atop a slice of Wisconsin-grown tomato and a drizzle of fruity Israeli olive oil. The combination was superb, even with a non-seasonal tomato. I can’t wait until my CSA box is filled with a bounty of tomatoes come August. Then I’ll definitely try this trifecta again with the heirloom varieties that appear in my box.