Spring means new lambs, calves and kids, cherry blossoms, and most importantly, the start of the annual Cheese Festival circuit. Festivals have already taken place in California and Oregon. Mark your calendars now for the mother of all cheese fests, the American Cheese Society‘s Annual Conference and Competitionthis year’s “Cheese-a-Topia” will be held August 25-28 in Seattle, Washington.

Author Michael Pollan (of Food Rules, The Omnivore’s Dilemna, In Defense of Food, etc.) will be the keynote speaker, and the conference also features tours, workshops and seminars for ACS members. Cheese enthusiasts can join the ACS to support our domestic artisanal cheesemakers for $150 — but non-members are welcome to attend the “Cheese Oscars” Award Ceremony and the Festival of Cheese. Registration opens May 21.

We’re working on updating our cheese fest and local DC/MN event calendars, so if you’re organizing an event please email us at dccheese@gmail.com or mncheese@gmail.com to be included. Thanks!